Crystal Piece Collection

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  • Epidote Gemmy Green Strong Crystals On Matrix From PerÚ. New Find. Master Piece
  • Cubic Fine Pyrite, Black Sphalerite & Quartz Perú Museum Piece Animon Mine
  • Epidote Gemmy Green Crystals On Matrix From PerÚ. Master Piece
  • Red Realgar, Orpiment Botryoidal Crystals & Quartzs From Peru Museum Piece
  • Bournonite Crystals, Tetrahedrites, Barites And Quartzs From Peru. Master Piece
  • 1 Large Piece Raspberry Ripple Agate, Rough, Cab, Slab, Lapidary, Specimen 17+pounds
  • 1 Extra Large Piece Of Colorful Agate, Rough, Cab, Lapidary, Specimen 30+pounds
  • Realgars Crimson Red Color On Quartzs Crystals Bed From Peru. Museum Piece