Crystal Piece Collection

Shape > Natural

  • Amber Fossil Crystal Raw Insect Natural Piece Untreated Lithuania 5g 4cm Success
  • Lot 12-pieces Of Chrysocolla Malachite With Druze Quartz Mixture
  • Large Natural Agate Slab Table Top 28 X 22 X 2.25 Awesome Piece For Table
  • 1 Green Moonstone Feldspar + Garnet Very Large Display Piece Home Decor 3.9kg
  • Very Large Natural Raw Copper Crystal Metal Display Piece 2.1 Kg Michigan Usa
  • Lapis Lazuli Stunning 640 Grams Best Quality Natural, Rough Mine 4 Piece
  • 12 Piece 51 Carats Tourmaline Rose Cut Star Size 1495mm (5)
  • Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Tiny Pieces Afghanistan 53 Items 64c Special Offer
  • Stunning Genuine Moldavite Crystal Piece Tektite 3.2 X 2.7 Cms 8.85 Gms
  • Wholesale Lot, Color Change Diaspore Crystals, 25 Pieces 360 Crt, 100% Natural
  • Rare! 15 Piece Set-100% Natural Genuine/authentic Azeztulite Crystal Stone Set
  • Large Apophylite & Calcite Crystal Cluster High Sparkle Display Piece 2kg
  • Natural Madagascan Labradorite Crystal Sphere/ball 12.2kg Massive Piece
  • Black Tourmaline In Quartz Generator Display Piece
  • Turquoise Crystal Piece Natural Raw Rough Blue Large Piece Turkey 30g Protection
  • Natural Madagascan Labradorite Crystal Sphere/ball 12.2kg Massive Piece
  • Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Small Pieces Afghanistan 46 Items 16g Attract Love
  • Collector Piece Natural Afghanistan Gem Grade Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal