Crystal Piece Collection

Finish > Unpolished

  • Big Large Natural Crystal Red Pink Aragonite Cluster Spectacular Piece 3.7 Kilo
  • Stunning Giant Xxl Large Quartz Geode, Healing Crystal. Charging Piece
  • Large 23.5cm White Translucent Selenite Tower Gemstone 1.8kg Stone Piece Harmony
  • Black Tourmaline With Iron Pyrite And Clear Quartz Phenomenal Piece
  • Large Natural Blue John Piece Castleton, Derbyshire 10.4 X 7.7 Cms 578 Gms
  • Extra Large Pyrite Crystal Cube Formation Exceptional Display Piece, 4.995 Kg
  • Stunning Large 1.6kg Quartz Geode Piece, Healing Crystal
  • Stunning Genuine Moldavite Crystal Piece Tektite 3.2 X 2.7 Cms 8.85 Gms
  • Large Apophylite & Calcite Crystal Cluster High Sparkle Display Piece 2kg
  • Shungite Raw 1 Kilo 400-600 Pieces Electromagnetic Protection
  • Epidote Very Large Rare Size. 888g Absolutely Amazing Piece Himalayan Foothills